I've been framed!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I was shooting a wedding the other week and ran into a couple, who's wedding I photographed some years ago they said that they "loved their pictures" - she glanced at him and looking rather guilty confessed "although we haven't got round to doing anything with them yet" He chimes in with "Life is so busy and we just never manage to fire up the computer, find the USB stick and look at them" "and it's all so confusing - we really want to get one big and put it on the wall BUT there's so much choice..."

I thought they can't be on their own, so I contacted a few other couples and found the same story "too much choice" "no time" "not a high enough priority" and so on.

So I figured this would be a good time to make ordering wall art easy! - Introducing a new range of frames - different sizes, different styles BUT keep it simple so ordering is a breeze

So Elwood Photography now has a range of frames available to purchase as either part of a package with your photography OR as a stand alone item after your photography is done.

The range is named after towns and cities in the UK and like each town or city has its own unique character.

The SOUTHPORT and the CANTERBURY and smaller frames with some ornate features

The BELFAST and HULL and mid sized square frames, in metallic finishes rose gold and pewter

The LEEDS and NEWCASTLE are large frames with an elegance and style of their own

I'll be blogging more about these frames and watch out for special offers landing in your inbox and on social media in the not too distant future.

However for now why not watch this short intro slideshow