Need more models

Friday, February 03, 2017

Ever fancied having a go at modelling? We may have the perfect opportunity for you. Earlier on this week we were commissioned to do some photography for a major work place clothing company. The project involves providing their designers with a range of people pictures onto which they can draw corporate uniforms/dresses and work wear.

We would like be able to offer a large range of people types, ages and ethnicity and would like to encourage as many people as possible to apply especially people over the age of 40

So we are currently looking for people who are happy to pose in their plain light coloured underwear (or swimwear or tight fitting sports wear) with their shoes/boots on. We will shoot you from the front, side and back in a few standing poses.

These pictures will then be used by the company designers to draw on top of (similar to the images featured in the heading picture) - The illustrations will be used in proposals presented to potential customers and sometimes at exhibitions and trade shows

Any pictures taken in the session will ONLY be used by the company for the express purposes listed above.

So if you would like to take a shot at modelling this could be a great chance for you. If you are selected for this project we will give you £10 towards your costs AND give you an hour of photography in which you can make a start on your modelling portfolio 

What to do next?

Just send us an email and attach a small photo of yourself and we will get back to you