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 2 hours on the day

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USB with 24 images of your choice



4 hours on the day

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USB with ALL images on

A4 standard OLIVER album



6 hours on the day

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A3 OLIVER fine art album

USB with all images in a gift box

PRE wedding photoshoot of your choice



8 hours on the day

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USB ALL images on it in a gift box


Parent albums x2

Pre wedding photoshoot of your choice


Treasure the first year of baby life

Elwood Photography 

Capture the moment

A great photograph is both a powerful way to keep your most special memories alive through the decades and a beautiful work of art.

A professional photographer with over 19 years of experience, I am absolutely passionate about the work I do. I consider every job to be a privilege, and never tire of looking at the world through my lens, finding that magical, perfect shot that fully evokes the mood of a single, fleeting moment, preserving it forever.

I specialise in shooting portraits, boudoir and weddings, approaching every commission with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. One of the great joys of the photographer’s life is the chance to be reminded over and over again how every person has their own unique beauty, and I consider it my job to capture that on film.

For an observer of human life, there is no better occasion than a wedding, when the atmosphere is one of excitement, joy and celebration and everybody is looking and feeling their best. I find people and relationships endlessly fascinating and love creating eye-catching, intimate images that show authentic interactions and natural emotion; the stolen glances, the spontaneous laughter and the choked-back tears.

In 2019 alone, I had the privilege of shooting 42 spectacular weddings around the UK. I have the technical skills and artistic flair to create stunning images that you will love, whether you are looking for a show-stopping portrait you will be proud to display on your walls or a breath-taking wedding album that tells the full story of your special day.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and how I can help preserve memories for you.

The Vintage Light 

Have your old pictures transformed into digital masterpieces to treasure for generations to come.

Do you have some photos where the colour has faded with time?

Some slides you can no longer view?

Some negatives but no prints?

Do you have an old wedding album? would you like to share it on Facebook? would you like to be confident that future generations will be able to see you at your best, in quality future proof products

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