Signature Portrait Sessions

I’m so chuffed you are interested in a portrait session with me

This page is intended to help you decide on which style of portrait sitting is best for you

Our Signature Portrait Sessions are great value for money however there are a few restrictions which you need to understand

There are only a limited number of each style of session each month – they are sold on a first come first served basis.

So I’d like to encourage you to act quickly and secure your booking.


You pay CASA a £25 booking fee they will give you a voucher – you need to validate that voucher then book your session online using the link on the voucher or on this page

It’s a really simple process just click on the right link below and check out available dates – then book your session


Then turn up for your session – I will send you plenty of info on what to wear and when to turn up – come prepared to have fun – I promise you it will be a blast.

When the photography is done, I’ll show you all the products, packages and collections that are available with the session you have booked We will then sort out a date for me to release your slideshow.


I send you the slideshow.

The slideshow is a gorgeous way for you to enjoy seeing all the pictures from your session.

You then have 48hrs to decide which of the packages, collections or products you wish to purchase – at this point if you are within 48 hrs your £25 will be refunded to you as a credit towards this choice.

If you take longer, than, 48hrs then the £25 credit is cancelled and the advantageous Signature Session Price List is withdrawn and replaced with the full price list!!

At this point I would urge you to please act quickly it really is worth while

Once you have chosen and paid for your package I will be available to help you in the design and production of the products and prints you have chosen.

SO what do you want to do next?

Select and book my session

Find out more about session styles

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