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In the Spring of next year I am going to host an exhibition of pictures on the theme of MAM and her girls The exhibition will be supported by a small hardback book which will be published in time for the exhibition.

The subject matter will be portraits of mother and daughter combinations. Looking to explore multi generation and sibling relationships between mam and her girls. I want shoot all age ranges in as many different settings as possible e.g. in home, studio, a park, the beach or somewhere that is special to you.

Each sitting should last no longer than 90 mins and will involve conversation, photography and possibly a little video as well.

If you are willing to take part in the session you should be aware that any of your images may be used in the exhibition, video and book. You will each be asked to sign a model release form giving me permission to use the images as specified.

In return for taking part you will be given a desk framed print of your choice, you will also be given the opportunity to have any pieces created for the exhibition at a nominal price after the exhibition. You will also be offered the chance to purchase the book at a pre-launch price. In addition to this a special selection of beautiful prints and products will be available to purchase at vastly reduced prices – but there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything at all.

Shoots will take place during October and November.

Want to take part?

I am looking for approximately 21 mum and daughter models

Since I anticipate a big demand there is a short application form which should be completed in full I will then contact you with details of shoot dates and we will confirm your sitting.

Please click on the link below

Application Form

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