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The Box

The Box Sessions are a great alternative to the normal Family portrait as it offers a fun and interactive session with no formality.

Offering a chance to have your whole family photographed in a new and innovative way, which will create treasured artwork for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Session lasts approximately 40 mins is ideal for up to 5 or 6 people. Bring a toy or two - bring the dog if you want.

These sessions usually run during school holidays and very occasional Sunday afternoons 

Product packages range from £175 to £899, individual products start at £75.

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Family Outdoors

We meet in the park (ideal for younger kids) or city (great for tweens and teens) and shoot for about 40 mins taking in the great outdoors combining landscape and portraiture in a stunning fun filled session.

What do you do as a family when you are together outdoors? - well that's what I'll photograph.

The images are then offered in a range of modern and traditional wall art products which you will love for many years to come.

These sessions run in school holidays, summer evenings and weekends.

Product packages range from £125 up to £1099, individual products start at £75.

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The Big Wag

Dog portraiture at its best. Out in the great outdoors your dog will love the walk I will photograph the relationship between you and the dog the results will be amazing.

Carefully selected products are made available to you via the viewing session and you can select as many as you wish whilst enjoying a significant discount on our standard price lists.

These sessions happen on selected weekdays and sometimes at weekends.

Product packages range from £125 to £1499, individual products start at £99.

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Mum's Monday

The best possible value for money these sessions are designed for expectant and new mums (baby up to 1 year old) The aim of the session is offer you the chance to track from bump to toddler and record your baby as he/she develops over the first year

Products are decided on at the start of each session and we shoot towards your stated aim 

Sessions are only available on a Monday at our studio in Sedgefield Co Durham

Products and packages are available and a 12 month payment plan is also offered. Value for money is the main priority.

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Between the sheets

Bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe, with this ultra classy boudoir session inspired by Marilyn's iconic "last sitting" will give you a massive confidence boost and you will see you like never before.

Clearly this an 18+ session and you are very welcome to share it with a friend if you wish.

Taking place in studio the sitting lasts approximately 1 hour and will yield a series of stunning images

Product packages range from £250 to £1,999, individual products start at £125

Sessions run on weekdays only.

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The Dress

These sessions are intended for woman who wants all the glamour of a boudoir session, but want to keep her  clothes on.

Taking place in the studio during a week day these 60 min sessions allow plenty of time for you to be photographed in The Dress and a change as well.

Photographed mainly in B&W but with some colour these images have a classy, timeless glamour to them which is unique to the session.

Sessions run on week days only 

Product packages start at £375 and rise to £899 individual products are available from £75

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Hollywood Glory

Think back to your Bogart & Bacall these sessions are great for single men and women or couples wanting to capture the golden age of the silver screen.

With a strong link to Film Noir these sessions will deliver the chiseled jawline and the femme fatal on a studio based stage set in Sedgefield.

Available on week days only

Product packages start at £175 and rise to £399

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Sessions for 1-2 year olds - we capture a bare shouldered toddler's expressions with an aim of capturing 20+ expressions in a 30 min session.

This is a simplified session ideal for  a toddler - great to capture on the run in to Christmas to provide you with Christmas gift images.

Takes place in studio on a Wednesday afternoon ONLY

Products are available from £15 through to £299

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Details to be released in the autumn.